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Daymond John
Founder of FUBU and Star of ABC’s Shark Tank

A must-read. Tackling loneliness and improving belonging at work should be a priority for every organization and leader. This book is timely, crucial, and practical.

Patrick Lencioni
New York Times Bestselling Author

Connectable is fascinating, compelling, and extremely readable. But its greatest quality is that it is so darn important. Every leader and manager needs to read this.

Dan Pink
#1 New York Times bestselling author of When, Drive and To Sell Is Human

Disconnection is a crisis, and it’s past time for teams to address the issue. With its moving stories and wise insights, this book is an important read for workplaces everywhere.

Donna Kimmel
EVP and Chief People Officer at Citrix

With powerful stories and practical approaches for the workplace, Ryan and Steven sparked insights and ideas that I can apply in my team and across our company.

Jon Acuff
New York Times Bestselling Author

I’m so glad that Ryan and Steven have provided a fresh approach to address an issue every business leader needs to be ready to solve.

Marissa Andrada
Chief Diversity, Inclusion and People Officer at Chipotle Mexican Grill

An indispensable resource for every team member, manager, and leader. Ryan Jenkins and Steve Van Cohen give us the much-needed roadmap to a healthier and united workforce whether the team is in-person, fully remote, or hybrid.

Claude Silver
Chief Heart Officer at VaynerMedia

Since loneliness lives at the cross-section of inclusion and wellness, Connectable couldn’t be more relevant and essential. Required reading for any people-focused organization.

Carter Cast
Clinical Professor, Kellogg School of Management and author of The Right (and Wrong) Stuff

With workplace disconnection on the rise, Connectable is a timely, valuable book. It does a great job of normalizing a difficult, undiscussed topic and has practical tools that will help leaders reconnect with a disconnected workforce.

Erica Dhawan
Wall Street Journal Bestselling Author of Digital Body Language

Connectable is an essential book for our modern world. A breakthrough guide to combating loneliness and fostering belonging, it’s a must-read for leaders of startups to Fortune 500 companies.

Keith Ferrazzi
#1 New York Times Bestselling Author

This book brims with inspiring stories, eye-opening statistics, and practical steps to move teams from disconnected to connected. Human connection is more critical than ever before and Connectable delivers the answer for today’s teams.

Mariana Fagnilli
VP, Global Office of DEI at Liberty Mutual Insurance

Connectable provides leaders with the tools they need to drive today’s global workforce success by helping lessen employees’ loneliness and improving their sense of belonging. It helps leaders create connected, driven, and high-performing teams.

Fully Connected Workers = Healthier & Higher Performing Organizations

72% of global workers feel disconnected at least monthly; with 55% saying at least weekly.

Improve worker wellness, inclusion, and engagement by increasing connection and belonging.

Ryan and Steven can help. The authors of Connectable deliver in-person and digital events your team won’t stop talking about

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  • 30+ Countries & 5 Continents
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Improving team connection increases…


Disconnected workers are 7x less likely to be engaged at work, and 5x more likely to miss work due to stress or illness.


Disconnected workers are twice as often to think about quitting their job.


Teams with a strong sense of belonging see a 56% increase in job performance.


Workplace belonging leads to a 75% decrease in employee sick days.

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A Proven Plan for Stronger Connection

Hybrid and remote work, advancing technology, and an always-on work culture are fracturing our relationships resulting in deep disconnection and isolation.

Starting in 2019, we surveyed over 2,000 employees and leaders around the world about their experience with loneliness at work. We interviewed over 50 global leaders about how they lessen loneliness and boost belonging inside their organizations.

Combining this firsthand workplace loneliness research and a decade of leadership speaking and consulting, we distill everything you need to know to strengthen team connection.

Your audience or team will be equipped with specific strategies, assessments, and our proprietary 4-Step Less Loneliness Framework™ to create stronger and healthier teams. Creating a more connectable workplace is within reach. We can help.

The Connection (LINK) Framework™

Most Popular Programs

Bring in the experts who literally wrote the book on how to move teams from isolated to all in.

The Connectable Leader: How Leaders Can Move Teams From Isolated to All In

Audiences Gain:

  • An awareness of the new science and the significance of connection.
  • Ability to identify workers in need of connection and belonging; and how to deliver it for them.
  • The 4-step Connection (LINK) Framework™ to create connected, driven, and high-performing teams.
  • And more…
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The Connectable Team: How Workers Can Increase Connection and Boost Belonging

Audiences Gain:

  • An awareness of the new science and the significance of connection.
  • The 4-step Connection (LINK) Framework™ (employee edition) to increase belonging, engagement, and performance at work.
  • Ability to create deep connections and unify a disconnected team.
  • And more…
Book Speaker
The Connectable Culture: How Companies Can Create Culture that Sparks and Maintains Healthy Connections

Audiences Gain:

  • An awareness of how disconnection is impacting work and the benefits of better belonging.
  • Ability to assess the strength of the team’s connection and how to improve it.
  • The 4-step Connection (LINK) Framework™ (enterprise edition) to initiative and sustain strong social connections at work.
  • And more…
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Meet the #1 Workplace Connection Experts

Ryan Jenkins
CSP® (Certified Speaking Professional)™

An internationally-recognized keynote speaker, virtual trainer, and the Wall Street Journal Bestselling author of Connectable: How Leaders Can Move Teams from Isolated to All In. For a decade, he has helped organizations improve team connection, create inclusive cultures, and prepare for the future of work. He is also co-founder of, the premier resource for addressing workplace disconnection. Ryan lives in Atlanta, GA with his wife, three children, and yellow Labrador.

Steven Van Cohen
MSOD (Master of Science in Organizational Development)

A global leadership consultant, executive coach, and the Wall Street Journal Bestselling author of Connectable: How Leaders Can Move Teams from Isolated to All In. Steven has spent 12 years working with hundreds of leaders from organizations like Salesforce, The Home Depot, Komatsu, and Bridgestone, helping them improve worker well-being, reduce employee isolation, and boost team belonging. He is also co-founder of Steven lives in San Juan Capistrano, CA with his wife and two daughters.

Ryan & Steven’s work has been featured in…

Audiences are Raving

Kay Schmidt
VP of R&D at Catalent Pharma Solutions

The energy, organization, passion, and knowledge behind this presentation was incredible. It’s an important time to talk about human connection in the workplace. Rock stars!

Mariana Fagnilli
VP of Diversity & Inclusion at Liberty Mutual Insurance

We received great feedback from all attendees! The practical approach and knowledge won over the packed house of employees the moment Ryan began speaking. I highly recommend.

Christine Lovely
Chief HR Officer, UC Davis

Highly recommend! It was engaging and timely. The audience was involved and captivated throughout the entire presentation. Loneliness and maintaining engagement is so necessary for our team during our current remote work arrangements.

Jim Bartolotta
Executive Vice President at Atomatic Mechanical Services

The presentation was the perfect message and a huge hit with our members. A great session that provided all our leaders with great tools to engage their teams!

Christina Marshall
Founding Partner at Atheria Law

The feedback from our employees was overwhelmingly positive. Destigmatizing loneliness is never an easy task but this presentation went a long way toward doing just that. I would highly recommend this engaging, interactive presentation.

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