Fully connected teams drive better business results.

The Team Connection Assessment™ is the first (and only) tool to effectively assess the strength of relationships among a team.

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You’re a 15-Minute Assessment Away From A Better Connected, Healthier and Higher-Performing Team

Disconnection and isolation have been silently and secretly devastating teams. Individuals and organizations haven’t had a tool to overcome this issue or measure how connected or disconnected their teams are. That all changes with the Team Connection Assessment™

Donna Kimmel
EVP and Chief People Officer at Citrix

Sparked insights and ideas that I can apply in my team and across our company.

Carter Cast
Clinical Professor, Kellogg School of Management…

Practical tool that will help leaders reconnect with a disconnected workforce.

Claude Silver
Chief Heart Officer at VaynerMedia

A fascinating and accessible approach to addressing loneliness at work. Since loneliness lives at the cross-section of inclusion and wellness, this couldn’t be more relevant and essential.

How connected is your team?

  • Our devices are always informing us how strongly they are connected to wifi or cellular networks. It’s time workers and leaders have the same connectivity information about their teams.

The Team Connection Assessment™

  • Measures the strength and quality of connections teams have with their teammates, manager, and the work itself.
  • Generates a custom report providing proven, research-based strategies to improve a team’s connection.
  • Enhances well-being, boosts belonging, increases performance, and improves retention of employees.
  • Takes 15 minutes to complete and is simple to administer.

The 4 Levels of Team Connection™

The Team Connection Assessment™ provides a team score based on The 4 Levels of Team Connection™. Then specific research-based recommendations are provided to improve the score.

Full-Strength Connection

A strong connection exists among team members unlocking the highest levels of well-being, belonging, performance, satisfaction, engagement, loyalty and more.

Stable Connection

A reliable connection exists among team members enabling better engagement, collaboration, innovation, and satisfaction.

Weak Connection

An unstable connection exists among team members hindering well-being, belonging, and overall performance.


No connection exists among team members making the team highly susceptible to burnout, disengagement, low performance, and quitting.

Validated Results by the Most-Trusted Institutions and Experts

We’ve partnered with leading researchers from Harvard University, the University of Alabama, and the University of Canterbury in New Zealand to develop and validate this ground-breaking assessment.

Meet the Researchers

Anthony Silard, PhD

A world-renowned leadership educator and coach. Author of numerous scholarly articles on emotion and leadership with an emphasis on how leaders develop high-quality relationships and manage challenging emotions such as loneliness and secondary trauma. He has coached G-20 cabinet ministers and the CEOs and senior leaders of Fortune 500 companies such as Disney, IBM and GE and the world’s largest nonprofits such as CARE and Save the Children. He has taught leadership at the Monterrey Institute of Technology, California State University San Bernardino, Claremont McKenna College and IESE Business School and has lectured on leadership at Harvard, Stanford and Georgetown. His latest book, Screened In: The Art of Living Free in the Digital Age, was released in March 2020.

Sarah Wright, PhD

A senior lecturer in organizational behavior at the University of Canterbury Business School, New Zealand. Her research interests include emotions in organizations, loneliness, management education, and social relations in organizational contexts. Sarah’s specializes in…

  • Workplace loneliness
  • Social relationships at work
  • Human relations research
  • Experiential learning and teaching practices in management education
  • Ethics in experiential learning
Peter Harms, PhD

Dr. Harms received his Ph.D. in Psychology from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in 2008. He is currently an Associate Professor of Management at the University of Alabama. His research focuses on the assessment and development of personality, leadership, and psychological well-being. He has published over 80 peer-reviewed articles in such outlets as Journal of Applied Psychology, Personnel Psychology, Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, Psychological Bulletin, Psychological Review, Leadership Quarterly, Human Resource Management Review, Journal of Business Ethics, and the Journal of Organizational Behavior. This work has also been featured in popular media outlets such as CNN, Scientific American, Forbes, and the BBC. Dr. Harms has been invited to speak to audiences around the world and was selected by the St. Gallen symposium as one of the “100 Knowledge Leaders of Tomorrow” in 2011. He is currently engaged in research partnerships with the U.S. Army, the U.S. Department of Labor, and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA).

Inside The Assessment

Importance of Team Connection

Engagement, retention, performance, and well-being are all directly tied to the level of connection present within a team. Unknown or underdiagnosed connection levels could be wreaking havoc without you knowing. Get the assurance and direction you need today.

Easy to Use & Seamless Portal

Purchase the number of licenses you need, input the email addresses, and access your fully customized report. The TCA portal tracks who has completed the assessment and provides up to date notifications keeping everyone on track.

Anonymous & Trusted Polling

All data collected by the TCA remains completely anonymous. Team members can respond with honest and accurate rankings feeling confident that the TCA will not display any individual data. Leaders only see an aggregate of all the inputs included.

Taking the Team Connection
Assessment Is as Easy as 1, 2, 3…

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Purchase a license. Gain instant access to the assessment. Assign it to your team or take the 15-minute assessment yourself.

Review the Results & Recommendations

Complete the assessment and be instantly provided with a custom report that scores your team and provides specific research-based recommendations to strength your team’s connection.

Improve Your Team

Strengthening team connection isn’t hard. You just need to assess where the team is at and a guide for what to do next. Take the assessment and feel confident that your team will improve.

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