Stronger Cultures Through Connected Colleagues.

Employees want more social connection with their colleagues. We deliver just that at scale, instantly and intelligently.

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Be the Connection Broker Your Team Didn’t Know They Needed

69% of employees aren’t satisfied with the opportunities for connection in their workplace.

56% increase in job performance when employees experience strong connections at work.

313% is how much stronger employees intent to quit is when they don’t have strong connections.

72% of employees feel lonely at least monthly, 55% are lonely weekly.

4 Easy Steps to Create Strong Team Connections

AI powered workplace connections. Here is how your team uses LikeIMinded.
Complete the Psychology-Based Assessment

Employees take the proprietary 7-minute assessment to determine their archetype.

Learn Your Personality Archetype

Employees are provided unique insights into their preferences, values, blind spots, growth areas, communication, and collaboration styles

Cultivate Science-Based Connection

Like|Minded’s proprietary algorithm uses neuroscience to automatically connects employees within a team or across teams to drive stronger connections.

Receive Connection Guidance

The app provides connection nudges (to ensure people connect), starter activities to help make the connection frictionless, and connection best practices. The technology makes connecting super easy.

94% of users who connect with their matches are highly likely to meet up with their match again.

Our Customers are Getting Results, You Will Too

Like|Minded participants experience…

increase in a sense of belonging at work.

increase in connection with colleagues.

decrease in being isolated from others.

decrease in feelings of being left out.

Like|Minded Is Trusted By:

Areas That are Improved with Like|Minded

Early-stage talent grow quick roots within your organization by connecting early and meaningfully to mentors and friends.

Don’t leave peer coaching or mentorship opportunities to chance. Intelligently match people together to ensure the initiative thrives.

Equip new hires and existing employees with insights into their personality and connect them with team members who will help them feel included and informed.

Use intelligent data to spark conversation among attendees to foster deeper, more meaningful connections.

Connect underrepresented groups within your organization to create a more inclusive work environment. And strike the right balance when designing teams that lead to diverse thinking and progress.

Encourage more social connections which are the best buffer against burnout, depression, and languishing.

Help ease the transition of a M&A by immediately connecting new colleagues. Fast track assimilation.


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  • Up to 500 Users
  • Unlimited Pairings
  • People Analytics
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  • AI Powered Connections


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  • Up to 1000 Users
  • People Analytics
  • AI Powered Connections
  • Architype Profiles
  • Match Filtration
  • Dashboards Access
  • No Set Up Fee
  • White Glove Customer Service
  • Success Representative
  • Unlimited Pairings
  • Professional Development


Custom Pricing Applied

  • Unlimited Users
  • Advanced Roll Out Strategy
  • Available Training
  • Client Dedicated Portal
  • Custom UX Options

Effortlessly improve your team’s well-being, performance, retention, and inclusion with a single tool.
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Don’t Leave Workplace Connection To Chance

Employees need connection more than ever. Be the workplace hero that provides it for them