Meet Rivet, the Workplace Solution for Better Team Connection

Connecting remote, hybrid, or in-person teams just got a whole lot easier!

Employees, especially on hybrid or remote teams, are more disconnected than ever – 69% of employees aren’t satisfied with connection opportunities at work. And this disconnection costs US companies $406 billion a year.

Something has to be done to cultivate more team connection at work.

In 2019, we began putting together a 3-phase plan to help in this area. After 4.5 years, the phases are now complete.

Move over Marvel and DC Cinematic Universes, here are the 3 phases of the Workplace Connection Universe…

Phase #1: Connectable, the book to expose the problem.
Phase #2: Team Connection Assessment™, the tool to quantify team connection.
Phase #3: Rivet, the solution to sustainably scale team connection.

Just like how a rivet connects 2 things to make a structure stronger, Rivet connects 2 colleagues to create more resilient teams and stronger work cultures.

Rivet is an enterprise tool that intelligently curates meaningful one-on-one connections across teams.

Here’s a 2-minute video to learn more about Rivet.

The results of Rivet users speak for themselves…

  • 37% feel a stronger sense of belonging.
  • 46% feel a stronger connection to their company.
  • 96% are “extremely likely” to connect again with colleagues.

Rivet is perfect for remote, hybrid, or in-person teams who want to enhance performance, engagement, and retention via improved team connection.

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