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Congratulations On Committing To A Strongly Connected Team!

1. TCA Navigator Outreach

        • A TCA Navigator will be reaching out to guide you through the assessment process.
        • It can take a few hours until you see a message from your navigator.
        • A real person will be walking you through the process, so it can take some time.
        • Check spam if you don’t see a message from SyncLX within a few hours.

2. Compiling Team Names & Emails

        • To expedite the onboarding process, start compiling the names and emails for those who will participate in the TCA.
        • We will add the necessary people to the assessment portal.

3. TCA Launch

        • We will set up the assessment and launch the links to everyone.
        • Once launched, everyone will complete the assessment.

4. TCA Report

        • Once everyone completes the assessment, you will receive the report.
        • The TCA navigator can help walk you through the results.

Should you have immediate questions regarding the TCA – please email