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5 Steps for Better Smartphone Etiquette

Ninety-two percent of Americans believe smartphone addiction is real but most underestimate just how much they use their smartphone. Sixty percent of people think they touch their phone 100 times or less per day, however, a typical user taps, touches, or swipes their phone 2,617 times per day.

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The Must-Ask Question to Protect You and Your Team From Isolation

The world became a lonelier place on September 2, 1969. On this date at a Chemical Bank branch in Rockville Centre, Long Island, New York the first ATM was unveiled.

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Gen Z Is More Interested in This at Work Than Flexibility

You'd think a digital native generation would want to work digitally, right? Think again. I've studied generational dynamics at work for a decade with an emphasis on the emerging generations.

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3 Psychological Nutrients Workers Need to Reverse the Great Resignation

When faced with a nutrient deficiency, people seek to replenish. When we are physically malnourished, we find sustenance. Same holds true mentally.

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This Is the World’s Most Valuable Resource (Hint: It’s Not Time or Data)

What if you personally possessed the most valuable resource on Earth? How would you wield such a prized resource? Would you consume, hoard, or share it?

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The Complete Toolkit to Lead Remote Workers

Ubiquitous connectivity, mobile technology, shifting generational expectations, and life events (such as the COVID-19 outbreak) have all swiftly contributed to the growing number of people working from home.

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How to Improve Communication With Your Remote Team

Remote work has worked. Halo Top, the reduced-calorie ice cream brand, grew from $230,000 in 2013 to more than $100 million in 2018 and they achieved that growth with all 75 employees working remotely.

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What Every Team Needs from a Leader

People want to be taken somewhere. How do I know this? It's the reason people watch movies. They want to be taken somewhere through a story.

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Employee Potential Is Limited When Managers Neglect This

"When in my past was I recognized for a skill or talent?" Over ten years ago, I asked myself that simple question in an attempt to discover my calling in life.

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This Is at Stake When You Check Your Phone (Or Any Device)

High-quality feedback elevates human performance. Here’s proof. A recent paper by psychologist David Scott Yeager...

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